Deepening your empathic listening skills, by Shona Cameron; za. 3, zo. 4 december 2022

Increasing our skills of empathy and authenticity: practising and integrating Nonviolent Communication to keep compassion in mind and empowering authentic communication
Meet and grow our skills: everyone can get better at listening- even those of us who have been exploring and learning how to do it for years
What Empathy is and isn’t and how it cements relationships and builds trust

De trainer

Shona Cameron is a psychologist with first hand experience of using NVC in her practice During a Buddhist retreat in August 2003 Shona discovered NVC and a few months later went to train with Marshall Rosenberg in Switzerland.Shona become an internationally Certified NVC Trainer in 2006. In 2016 Shona became an assessor for CNVC and now as well as training and coaching she guides and supports candidates to become Certified Trainers themselves.
Leon is candidate and Shona is his assessor.

Looking after herself is now her main practice of NVC- making sure she doesn’t leave herself out.
website: https://www.shonacameron.com/

Praktische informatie

  • Voor wie /For Whom: Mensen met ervaring in VC/ candidates & advanced members in NVC )*
  • Wanneer/When: Zaterdag/Saturday 3 December en Zondag/Sunday 4 December
  • Tijd/Time: 10.00-13.00/14.00-17.00 uur/hours
  • Waar/Where: Cordium, Centrum voor Groei en Ontwikkeling De Ruyterstraat 65 6512 GB Nijmegen
  • Bijdrage/Contribution: Particulier/Private individual: tussen/between €200,- en €300,- Zzp’er: €300,- Bedrijf/Business: €450- incl. btw (btw-vrij)/incl. VAT (VAT-free). Inclusief koffie/thee/lunch )*/Includes coffee/tea/lunch )*
  • Aanmelden/Registration: verbinden@communicerenopmaat.nl of contactformulier/contactform
  • Minimum 8 , maximum aantal deelnemers/number of participants: 20 personen )*
  • Engelstalige trainer/English-speaking trainer

)* zie: aanvullende informatie trainingen/ see additional information trainings

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